Inger Nordhagen

Inger Nordhagen (senior researcher) has a Master's degree in Sociology from the University of Oslo and the University of California, Berkeley, and wrote her thesis on historical wage differences due to education attainment. Inger has an extended Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Spanish. After completing her MA in 2006, Inger lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to joining ideas2evidence, she directed an evaluation of 14 different programs and services in the San Francisco Public Schools. As a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, she developed an interdisciplinary study on the effects of social background, trauma and sexual development on the ability of children and adolescents to project into the future. Inger served as a graduate student instructor at the department of Sociology and as a lecturer at the department of Scandinavian Studies at UC Berkeley. She also founded and ran a social science translation company. Inger has extensive experience in developing, implementing and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative methods.

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